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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Furnishings That Make Us Feel Some Type of Way

With the arrival of fall and school back in session, we’re taking notes inspired by classic Industrial classroom settings with a modern edge, and typographic elements--not just an alphabet or word pattern, but 3D type components combining interior design and visual communication. Below are a 10 of the pieces that Thirsty O. gives an A+ to for design.

10. Before the digital age, the traditional technique of printing was known as letterpress, each letter and spacing was manually placed, inked then pressed onto pages using letter blocks similar to the drawers seen in Kent and London’s Sustainable Oak Alphabet drawers, and Wall & Deco’s Wooden Typologywhich okay, is actually wall paper made to look 3D but how cool is that!

9. Made in Hollywood's literal use of the word “Coffee” incorporated into the Coffee Table as the dye cut base creates for a witty ice breaking conversational piece. The simplicity creates a bold statement that can also be customized to communicate just about anything in any size.

8) Let ‘em know which coast is the best coast! Faktura’s NY / LA side tables are a great typographic accent. The sleek minimal typeface presents a clean subject that can blend into a variety of elcectic interiors.

7. Mark Matcham’s Kerniture intersect two letters smoothly creating the stool and table base visible at any angle. Lettermark Prototype Sans Serif font A creates an almost natural support for the stool seat, while serif font X presents a perfect counter top fit on the letter X’s serif edge.

6. Marc Lauckhardt’s conceptual serif type and furniture integration demonstrate everyday use of letters in a three-dimensional formatting outside the text lines. If you liked Made in Hollywood's ‘Coffee Table’ mentioned above, we think you might also like Lauckhardt’s glass top letter base tables.

5. Palette Industries' Camus Lamp tightly kerned and leaded typeface shade attracts attention, and when turned on, with it’s dye cut letters illuminating the space it demands to be noticed.­

4. Instead of having letterforms as the table base, Mamadesignlab’s Italian designers Alessandro Canepa & Andrea Paulicelli created Fontables. Consisting of alphanumeric characters and punctuation symbols, the counter tops are dye cut into the shapes of each letter. Perfect for a modern monogram or broadcasting an aerial view message.

3. ‘Target books’ by Meb Rure Oral proves walls can talk, while also keeping books organized made easy, when placed on this shelf reminding you of all the great literature to be read.

2. Tabisso's typographic furniture collection can be selected to physically spell out your welcome and light up guests to an inviting space.

1. Wary Meyers's chic project repurposing a 1920's veneer dresser, gave new life to this updated typographic handle. Originally the designers had considered painting the words on the drawers but the 3D element truly makes this piece outspoken!

We hope that you’re moved by these stellar pieces that have inspired how we will grow our collection. FWR Rental Haus is equipped to fabricate with wood, metal, cardboard, plastic and more to achieve your concept. If you’re looking for furnishing or décor similar to the those featured in the blog or you just can’t seem to find the style of what you thirst for, give us a buzz or shoot us an email to get an estimate: 877.637.3744 /

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Victory Buffet & Bar Set Up!

Whether you’re planning an elegant Super Bowl soiree or a rowdy rally to hype your guests for the big game, food and beverage settings are important. FWR Rental Haus has a wide selection of bars and furniture pieces that will have everyone cheering! We were inspired by field grass, touchdowns, game plans, scoreboards and helmets, so event planners could tell a fun story with our unique pieces. Allow us to demonstrate various ways you can customize our bars for your own vision of victory. Here are four of our all-star bars geared up for the win.

Decals and accent details of trophies and flower arrangements, as shown on our Jet bar, keep the design modern, clean yet bold. Using a chalkboard runner, as shown in our Garage Band Bar, planners can decorate counters and guide guests through the appetizing snacks and drinks. Create a sauce stand sideline and a scoreboard chart listing the quarterly entrées. No team spirit is lost, when FWR Rental Haus can customize to match any team’s colors on almost any of our pieces. Props are key players in setting the tone, FWR not only has furniture but the accessories to match, from helmets to trophies and score posts.

Check out our inventory at and score big points with your guests.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game Day Seating

With Football Season approaching, it’s time to kick off a game plan that will keep your guests pumped on the sidelines. This February, Superbowl XLIX will take place at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona—our backyard pretty much! We’re stoked to be near all the fun and exciting energy that comes to town with this mega sporting event. Check out some NFL inspired décor we’ve gathered through the textures, colors, and drawing boards of America’s favorite sport.

Lounging through 4 hours of the big game will not only need to be stylish but comfortable and welcoming. We’ve drawn out a seating plan including some of our neutral options that will get you touchdowns with your guests.

There’s several ways to customize your team spirit on any of our pieces. Whoever you’re rooting for this Superbowl XLIX, we’ve got your sporting event needs covered. Check out more of our inventory options on our website,, and get inspired!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vintage Farm Collection ~ The Thirsty Octopus ~ 2014 Must Haves

Rustic, Vintage, Farmhouse...  Mix it up with FWR rentals for your next event. Mash it up! There are so many great ways to pull style and warmth into your event space. Get on a roll with custom reclaimed wood bars and tables.  We love to create shapes and patterns by incorporating colors and cuts with the wood. Natural elements are progressive and stylish. They look great outdoors and indoors. Mix it up! It's amazing how a bright yellow wagon wheel or our vibrant sticks together end table in red can enhance your look. The table is available in red, yellow, green or orange sticks. Each piece is unique and thought after. Steel finishes and hardware add an industrial edge to many of our pieces.  Finish off your event with flowers or succulents then kick back and watch it come alive. This vintage farm is like none other...  irresistible in every way! 

Email us for your next rental order, we delivery nationwide with a focus on Las Vegas and the West Coast.

Need Ideas:  Check us out on Instagram for inspiration!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thinking Mid Century Mod at Coachella

A Trend rooted in Palm Springs FWR offers "Land of the Mod".  Prepare to gawk, bask and revel in the mid-century aesthetic.  We will help you fit right in with the modernist boom in Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, and La Quinta with these amazing must-haves.

Look no further than the brilliant Arne Jacobson for Mid Century Scandinavian lounge rentals and event furniture rentals.  The master Arne Jacobson has 2 of the most iconic chairs of the twentieth century. 
Arne Jacobsen (pronounced, in American accents, Arnie YAH-cobsen) was born in Copenhagen in 1902, his designs are about fun and functionalism. 

mod rental


For decades the design of the Marshmallow sofa was attributed to George Nelson, as was the practice for designs coming out of George Nelson Associates, Inc. In recent years it has been revealed that many of the firms designs were actually those of other designers working for the firm.[4] The Marshmallow sofa was designed in 1954 by Irving Harper. John Pile, a designer who worked for George Nelson Associates.

Gently sloping curves and large dual cushions create a favorite lounging spot. Whether plopping down after a long day at work, settling in with coffee and brunch, or entering a spirited discussion with friends, the Sunday sofa is an awesome rental to brighten up your next event.
The Barcelona chair below, is a chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich.The functional design and elements of it that were patented by Mies in Germany, Spain and the United States in the 1930s have since expired.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sundance Celebrity Gifting Lounge by FWR Furniture

FWR heads to Park City, Utah every season for the annual Sundance Film Festival.  Its all sofas to the slopes!  As you start your planning for that oh so perfect party, gift lounge, red carpet, or movie premiere, we are adding chains to the trucks and headed to the mountains to get you all your rental needs.

We understand the importance of style and brand just as much as product display so you bet your insulated boots we have all the shelving, branded pillows and lounge furniture you might need.  SXSW deliveries have come and stop Coachella and EDC festival bringing your event cool sofas, chairs, and tables for your one stop party rental shop with style!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Renting Furniture for Super Bowl Events

FWR Rental Haus has been a part of Super Bowl for many years and looks forward to the host city each year.  We have worked in Houston, New Orleans, Denver, Tampa, Detroit and so on!  This year FWR is especially excited to have Super Bowl on its own turf in Arizona.  FWR has all the lounge rentals you could possibly imagine.

Popular themes will of course be Football but some may want to tie in Arizona culture and history.  You might find green, blue, and white furniture at an oasis theme with a branded bar and perhaps outdoor furniture.  A southwest or native american theme might involve teepees and wood furniture. Leather and cowhides also work great at a native american theme.  Go Cowboys you say?  We have just the right barstools and bars to create the perfect Super Bowl Saloon.  Our DJ Booths turn the volume up for those of you wanting to pop champagne and create a hipster hangout with vip seating, crystal columns, and cool chandeliers.  FWR has just the right rentals for your events in Scottsdale and Phoenix and we look forward to making your event design a Touchdown!